Whats New

New 2017

Last year the PI zero was the new thing, and we developed a couple of circuit cards to support a low cost PI.


This year the new thing for me is the low cost $2 Ethernet physical. This makes wired connections very inexpensive. Looking at the wiring for the large LED matrix signs that are all over the place. These signs are driven from a board that converts DVI/HDMI video to Ethernet and then the receivers are daisy chained. This year, since the Ethernet controllers are so inexpensive, we are adding the ability to daisy chain the controllers. This removes the requirement for a Hub/Router/Switch for your show.


Last year I used Power Over Ethernet to drive 38 display pieces in the show. This year, I am finally happy with the design. There is one large 32Vdc power supply driving each controller and the show props can be up to 100 feet from the controller. This also makes wiring very easy.

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