Raspberry PI, Pixel Adapter


Falcon PI Player version 1.8 or later is required.

For the pixel board, you can use any of the ones with a 40-pin header, that includes: A+/B+/Bv2/Bv3/Zero. The second pixel output is in the additional 14 pins added by the 40-pin header, so you could use an older original A or B but you would only have one ws281x pixel output since they only have a 26-pin header.

This boards supports two pixel outputs of 512 RGB pixels. It is expected that the number of output channels will be increased in the near future. The board supports many other aspects of pixel control as listed below.

  • Two outputs, either WS2801 or WS281x
  • Real time clock (PI face setting)
  • Renard or DMX output user selectable
  • Fusing and power input for the two output channels.
  • 5Vdc power supply to power board and PI off 12Vdc pixels.
  • NRF24L01 port

Bill of Materials: PI_Adapter_Pixel_RevA

Build Instructions (thanks DMJPixel): PIPixelAdapterV1_00

Minimum parts for driving pixels: MinimumParts

Board mistakes: Green board revision –

1) Fix silk screen on second output.
2) C9 should be wider hole spacing.
3) Add note, for no header on RTC clock.
4) Larger pads on the xtal
5) Jumpers to select between Renard/DMX pinouts.
6) More spacing for fuse
7) The power supply is mirrored.

Board mistakes: Red board revision A

1) Fix silk screen on second output.


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