POE Controller


16 Universe Controller with POE Outputs 


Power Over Ethernet, 36Vdc Power Supply

For 2015, I used two of the controllers pictured above in my light show. One drove 12 mini-trees and the second was for 11 lights sticks. The controller consists of a 36V, 350 watt power supply mounted on one side of a board. The front side contains an 16 universe controller with four pixel extenders with power input and fuses. The fuses are surface mount and are visible on the left side of the controller picture. The small power supply above the controller is used to convert the 36Vdc power supply to 5Vdc for the controller. Each output can drive a string of fifty 5V pixels over an Ethernet cable.

For 2016, I am making a daughter card that is all through hole components with the standard ATO replaceable fuses.


Pixel Extender Receiver board


Receiving Boards and Case

The receiving end consists of a pixel extender receiver and a small DC to DC converter. The converter is rated to 38Vdc input power and an output of 4.5 amperes. The two boards are bolted together and inserted into a 1 inch PVC coupler and cap. The DC to DC converter is less than two dollars and I replaced the output adjusting potentiometer with a fixed resistor of 5.49Kohms. A link to the DC-DC converter is shown below.

DC to DC converter weblink.



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