LED Panel Controller


LED Matrix Panel Controller

This is a daisy chain-able controller that supports up to 60 panels 32×16. The controller is stand alone and supports ACN E1.31 multicast over 100Mbit Ethernet. The controller supports both 8to1 and 16to1 scan rates selected able by a jumper. There are 31 unique base multicast addresses. The refresh rate of the board is about ~87 hertz and will support data as fast as it is sent. The number of controllers that can be daisy chained depends upon the refresh rate.

NOTE: When building, hard solder the FPGA board into the motherboard, otherwies it may not work properly.

5Vdc power, stand alone controller
Multicast Ethernet 100Mbit, daisy chain-able
32×16 – 20 panels per output
32×32 – 10 panels per output
64×32 –  5 panels per output

Uses a new Ethernet board which is more cost effective and the same FPGA EP2C5 board.

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Manual: EP2C5 Matrix Controller
BOM: Matrix_BOM


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