LED Matrix Panel Driver



There are multiple LED matrix solutions available. For comparison, you should look at the power draw, supported color depth and the refresh rate of the output. The power draw is an indication of how well the controller keeps all of the LED lights on. The higher the current draw, the brighter the display. A full on white display for my controllers for a 16×32 panel is about 2.5 amperes. The supported color depth should be at least 8 bits per red/green/blue. And finally the refresh rate should be at least 60 hertz or higher to support eventual growth to a computer video to pixel converter. This will allow normal video and photos to be displayed on your panels.

8-univ controller refresh rate: 90 hertz
16/64-univ controller refresh rate 8 to 1: 85 hertz
Current draw 16×32 panel: 2.5 amperes
Current draw 32×64 panel: 5.5 amperes

This board allows you to connect the controllers to the LED matrix panels. The LED matrix panels have a standard 16-pin connector. These panels are daisy chained for as many as each controller can support. The board supports both 8 to 1 and 16 to 1 scan rates. Where U4 (SOT-23-5 very small) is required only for the 16 to 1 scan rate.

This board is supported by the following software:

  • Jinx
  • Xlights/Nutcracker
  • Vixen 2.1/2.5/3.0
  • Vixen Plus
  • HLS

Build of Materials: Adapter Matrix Assembly RevA

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