How To Buy & Cost Guide

If you want to save money in this hobby you need to learn to solder. I prefer just to provide the printed wiring boards which is the hard part for the hobbyist. The parts lists are available for each of the items on each of the web pages, I also can provide a link for any of the bill of materials.

The more common circuit cards are available at the link below.

Renard-Plus Store

Each of the circuit cards has bill of materials that you can use at Digikey or the vendor of your choice.

Group  buys will be available on the following forum at the beginning of the year.


This is a hobby for me, so if you are interested assembled items, e-mail me and I will provide an invoice. Currently, I am only accepting payment through PayPal to my e-mail address below.


Board prices

Prices include shipping for orders of $5 or more to USA addresses. Please contact me for international shipping.

32 universe board: $8 – stock
16 universe board revA : $4 – stock
16 universe board revB : $6 – stock
8 universe board : $5 stock

Raspberry PI pixel adapter: $5 – stock
Raspberry PI matrix adapter: $5 – stock

Standard fused output board: $5
5V buffer: $3 – no stock
Quad TX surface mount: $1 – stock
RX board surface mount: $0.50 – stock
Quad TX / POE thru hole rev A: $1 – stock
Quad TX / POE thru hole rev B: $1.5 – stock
RX thru hole rev A: $0.50 – stock
RX thru hole rev B: $0.75 – stock
4in1 TX: $0.75 – stock
4in1 RX: $3.00 – stock

Star: $5 – Stock
Circle $3 – Stock
Side lite sign $1.5 – Stock
Christmas Ornament $3 – Stock

The pricing for assemblies was estimated on March 21, 2016. This assumes a order of one, so in reality there will be some reduction in prices due to volume. These prices do not include taxes and shipping for the BOM’s, the PCB, FPGA boards and Ethernet have shipping included.




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