Mini Tree – 50 Pixel


This mini tree is made on a 32 inch high tomato cage. I bought some steel wire and wound it in a spiral around the cage using three inch spacing. I used an epoxy to hold the spiral to the tomato cage, wish I had a welder and new how to use it. I then wound a string of 50 bullet WS2811 pixels along the spiral. The string is powered by small  5Vdc power supply. So there are two connections to my tomato cage, the normal AC power plug and an Ethernet cable to connect to the pixel receiver board.

The pixel string that I bought was cheap at $16 dollars and the wire gauge was either 22 or 24 AWG wire. When powered from the end the voltage at the other end of the string was 3.9Vdc. With the power inserted into the center of the string the voltage drop at the ends was about 0.5Vdc, which is just at the edge of the specification for the controller chip. I would recommend spending a few more dollars for a string with 18 gauge wire or use a 12Vdc string.

I like this design because it is rather inexpensive.

  • String of WS2811 lights $16.00
  • 5Vdc, 25W IP68 power supply $7.62
  • Tomato cage $2.00
  • 15 Foot AC power cord $3.40
  • Receiver board $7.00
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