Testing Controllers

This page is to help the users the first time that they power up one of these controllers.

The recommended power supply voltage for either the 8 or 32 universe board is +5Vdc. When this is applied to the controller board, LED1 will flash at a 5 hertz rate. This is an indication that the board is powered and working. When you insert the Ethernet cable into the board, it should automatically link with the computer. The yellow LED on the jack should be lit, this indicates a connection at 100Mbit. The yellow led must be lit, since the board will only run at 100Mbit Ethernet speed. The green LED indicates when there is traffic on the Ethernet link.

These cards basically just monitor the Ethernet traffic. The controllers are looking for multicast traffic. If there is traffic within the address range of the controllers, LED2 will flash to indicate that it is receiving data. The jumpers on the card set the base address for each of the controllers, where the base address starts at universe 8 or 32 for each of the controllers. The card does not need to be reset to update the universe address. If you change the pixel type jumpers either press the reset (nconfig) or cycle power on the card to update the pixel type.

The reset (nconfig) button resets the controller to update to the new pixel types. The test (reset) button outputs quarter brightness value (0x40 hex)  to all of the pixels for a lamp test, and the lights stay on as long as the button is pressed. The lights should all be on and white at 1/4 brightness.

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