64 Universe Controller

64 Universe

This controller is mostly designed for driving the LED panels as listed below.

  • 32 – 16×32 LED panels, 8 to 1 scan (8 per output board, 4 outputs)
  • 8 – 32×64 (16 – 32×32) LED panels, 16 to 1 scan (2/4 panels per output, 4 outputs)

Supports 64 outputs of one universe each or 512 channels or 170 pixels (RGB)
Supports both 5V and 12V strings
High performance controller, no dropped packets, scan rates up to 5mS

Renard serial at 56.7K, 115.2K, 230.4K, 460.8K
DMX (Supports WS2822)
WS2811 and compatible
TM1804 (untested)
TM1803/TM1809 (untested)
TM1829 (untested)

The firmware was developed in Quartus II, Web Version 9.1. However other versions should be able to read the source code. The top level design has a block that easily allows each of the outputs to be individually configured. The board files are in Eagle Version 5.3.

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Bill of Materials: 64 Univ BOM
Matrix Manual: 64 Universes Matrix RevC

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